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With an amazing combination of fun and effectiveness, Wurrly allows children to express themselves while learning through the power of music, keeping a safe environment for their educational development.





Platform development and design


Building and maturing their systems




Wurrly’s mission is based on the belief that the power of music can change lives. Their technology and culturally relevant content makes it easy to implement a fun and effective music program.


Its impact lies on the combination of an easy, fun and effective platform that allows children to express themselves while also learning and inculcating skills like focus and confidence.


While the project was started by another company, they contacted Capicua looking to improve their platform. Now Capicua is their official dev team.


The goal was to create a safe environment for kids’ educational development.


Wurrly was made based on the fact that kids love music. Since it's collaborative, it lends itself extremely well to teaching critical life skills such as emotional recognition, pattern recognition, impulse control, adaptability, collaboration, listening, communication, problem solving, empathy, critical & creative thinking and more.

Its founder, Nadine Levitt, is a Swiss-born German well-known opera singer, who shared stage with David Foster, Andrea Boccelli, and Steven Tyler among others. Nowadays, it has a multinational team with members from Europe, the US and South America, including Marketing Director Andrew Andersen, who worked with Beyonce and Bon Jovi.


A big challenge was that a large amount of design and structure was made by another company, so we had to continue with what was already made. This project has two big areas: one for teachers and another one for students.

Our main priority was to maintain children’s safety. An important dare was to create an environment in which both kids and their parents feel comfortable. For example, a teacher cannot directly invite kids under 12 years old: they have to invite their parents and get their approval. While teachers can’t see other children in the app, the platform allows them to upload songs, create assignments, correct students’ homework and create playlists with video.

On the other hand, kids can’t log in without an invite, so they have students’ codes to facilitate the access. This also allows kids to enter the right class. It was a challenge to create an attractive platform that stimulated their interests. So we added a lot of features, like a badges system, points that allow them to unlock different options, and different challenges in order to keep them motivated.

The dare was to create a platform both stimulating and safe for children.


We created a simple UI interface to create an intuitive and easy to use space for children, using Figma for the design and Overflow for the flows.

We worked with Typescript, using React.JS, Node.JS and GraphQL, in Github Repositories, for frontend, backend, lambdas and Hasura Gateway. We also handled Java in a lambda function to convert .midi files into JSON and get song lyrics and chords. We added Stripe and also a Clever / Google / MS Teams integration.

Our infrastructure was made with an AWS cluster with Docker’s containerization and Load Balances. On the other hand, the Database was made with PostgreSQL’s Database (RDS AWS) with 3 DB instances: Dev (T3 micro), Stage (T3 small), Prod (T3 medium).


Typescript, React.JS, Node.JS and GraphQL for frontend and backend. In terms of the AWS cluster, we used 3 services for hasura developing, staging and production, 3 services for remote schema developing, staging and production and S3 static pages for frontend buckets. We also counted with PostgreSQL’s Database and Docker’s containerization.

Worth Mentioning

We are building and maturing all their systems right after their legacy product. We are their whole tech team.

Wurrly won a CODiE Award in the category “Best Tool for Student Creation or Expression”: WURRLYEdu is a great platform that helps reach students at their personal ability level to engage in cross-curricular expression. It relies on various genres of music from HipHop, to Classical, to Jazz and helps all students to create using music as their medium.

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