Top-Notch Technology Empowering Agribusinesses

Given that agriculture is one of the core industries in any society, Petrichor is upgrading agribusiness to the 21st century with a cloud-based model.





Full Stack Development


Upgrading the company’s Full Stack to create a user-friendly and tech-updated experience for all parts involved


Petrichor is an agricultural business exportation venture. Its mission is to guarantee optimal transportation and tracking for its products. This process goes from its star to its final destinations, taking care of every step of the way.


The venture's main impact lies in its digital backbone and connective infrastructure. In this context, Petrichor takes care of merchants, traders, and processors. As a result, there's an improvement in financial performance and sustainability goals.


Capicua has been working with Petrichor to increase the venture's functionalities since 2022. These features include event handling, notifications, and periodic-running tasks.

Agriculture is one of the most fundamental industries in our society. Petrichor enables agribusinesses to have end-to-end visibility across and through their business operations.



Petrichor mixes agriculture and tech expertise to improve supply chain performance.


Petrichor was founded in 2019 in Chicago, IL. Since then, its founders have focused on solving different agriculture challenges. In consequence, it handles a 100% cloud-based agribusiness model. The venture launched its SupplySense™ platform in 2020. Nowadays, it offers customers and supply chain services on different continents.

The name Petrichor comes from the smell of the rain after log times of dry weather. Not only is this smell quite familiar for every person involved in agribusinesses. Furthermore, this word has in itself many natural processes involved. When drops of water land on a surface, a molecule called geosmin is released into the atmosphere. Anthropologists have wondered about the emotional connection between humans and Petrichor. The common consensus relates them with the rain's importance for plant growth.


Petrichor already had an app to ensure the state and track the road of its shipments. This app also analyzed timing and processes when arriving at final destinations. Our first challenge was to explore possible Front-End improvements. Yet, the client requested new features in the Back-End to get a better global vision. For us, the main challenge was to blend development and technology tools. The goal was to achieve a uniform, user-friendly, upgraded result for each party.



We’ve been combining React.JS for the Front-End with Ruby on Rails for the Back-End. Further, for a project of this caliber, we’re applying a SQL database with Azure servers for a project of this caliber.


We started by analyzing how we could improve the platform's Front-End. Currently, we're working on a refactorization of the whole project. As for today, we're migrating a Class Component structure. With React Hooks and Functional Components, we're furthering and updating practices. To make the project more scalable, we're restructuring some Back-End controls. Moreover, we're working on shipment tracking to show statuses within the application.

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