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Mandala’s a Chicago-based fintech company. It combines user-friendly design with transparent data about how the trading markets work and a special focus on user’s safety. We built their first MVP and a couple of iterations; with that, Binance acquired them.





UI design & development


Provide powerful trading tools & top level security


Since 2018


Mandala aims to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market. They want users to trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world. While sourcing digital assets from our platform, they want users to feel confident in the security of our custodial wallets. Mandala is a new cryptocurrency exchange on a mission to “connect the universe through blockchain.


Mandala has created a dynamic trading environment whereby the Mandala Token (MDX) functions to provide specialized trading capabilities, referral rewards, and trading rebates. Their users can unlock platform enhancements and receive trading fee rebates by locking MDX on the platform. The impact relies on the versatility and ease to trade.


Capicua began the project working on the UI designs, but the partnership proved to be so successful that we have taken the lead on development. This project required a deep investigation into the cryptocurrency world, studying other platforms with similar services but taking into account that Mandala wanted to offer something that wasn't in the market yet.


Mandala wanted to create a dynamic trading environment whereby their Token function to provide specialized trading capabilities, referral rewards, and trading rebates. Their team wanted to design an exchange for all types of users, combining an accessible design with the power of a traditional exchange.


Mandala is a Chicago-based acquired fintech company founded in 2018. They aimed to provide a user-friendly design along with valuable tools to create a product that surpasses what is currently available. The cryptocurrency market is currently served by many exchanges but the majority are intimidating to use, especially for new traders. Additionally, these exchanges don’t include tools that make trading more efficient.

Through their commitment to compliance, they aim to push adoption of the digital economy with the leading regulatory bodies of the world, intending to make Mandala a household name in the digital asset marketplace.


The client wanted a platform that could provide their clients with powerful trading tools while also maintaining top-level security in their transactions. They also wanted to offer a trading dashboard that was appealing to use.

The challenge was offering traders a reliable and attractive way to trade.


Capicua designed a dashboard that was both attractive and easy to use while displaying large amounts of data. Considering their expectancies on security, the exchange platform takes many important security measures such as two-factor user authentication, as Mandala has prioritized matters such as preventing data breaches and the loss of funds through hacking. We built their first MVP.

The frontend had already been started with custom React libraries when we took over the development of the project, but we ensured the design of the tools matched with backend functionality. We used Material UI, a library of styled elements, for many aspects of the design in order to make it feel both modern and familiar to users. Also, we used our expertise in React.js to take over and improve the dashboard. On the other hand, we added a trading assistant widget which includes a chatbot that utilizes machine learning to make suggestions to users.

An exchange has a large amount of data that needs to be continuously updated. Price volatility is an issue in any trading market, but is especially true for cryptocurrency. In order for traders to make the best decisions they need to have the most up-to-date pricing information available. This exchange uses WebSocket, a communications protocol that allows a direct flow of data from the server to the browser


Techs used in this project include React for the dashboard and its tools, Modulus.IO for backend technology, React Material-UI for design components, Sketch for digital design toolkit for UI, and WebSocket’s communications protocol.

Worth Mentioning

For this project we had to immerse ourselves in the cryptocurrency world, studying other exchanges and pages that offer signals. We consulted experts in the field, which was particularly important since what Mandala wanted to offer wasn’t in the market yet and we needed an in-depth understanding of the subject. Also, considering that Mandala wanted the exchange to offer something that wasn't in the market yet, we synthesized various references in order to properly design the look and use of the tools.

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