Innovative cryptocurrency exchange

Mandala is a Chicago-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018 that is on a mission to “connect the universe through blockchain.” They offer a trading platform for all types of users, combining an accessible design with the power of a traditional exchange.

The cryptocurrency market is currently served by many exchanges but the majority are intimidating to use, especially for new traders. Additionally, these exchanges don’t include tools that make trading more efficient. Mandala wanted to provide a user-friendly design along with valuable tools to create a product that surpasses what is currently available.

Capicua began the project working on the UI/UX design of the dashboard but the partnership proved to be so successful that we also took over the implementation of the platform’s frontend.

We love designing and implementing dashboards, and we brought our expertise in this area to Mandala’s project.


Superior Dashboard
Mandala hopes to be the best in the market, capturing new users and professional traders alike. We had to design a dashboard that was both attractive and easy to use while displaying a large amount of data.

Powerful Trading Tools
The platform incorporates tools to help automate trading and provide important information, such as a trading assistant, a system of signals and alerts and a risk-to-reward strategy report.

Some of these key features were unique for an exchange, and the challenge of this was that we didn’t have a specific reference to use for their design. We had to synthesize various references, as well as consult experts in the field in order to properly design the look and use of the tools. Furthermore, we had to ensure the design of the tools matched their backend functionality.

Websocket for Real-Time Data Exchange
An exchange has a large amount of data that needs to be continuously updated. Price volatility is an issue in any trading market, but is especially true for cryptocurrency. In order for traders to make the best decisions they need to have the most up-to-date pricing information available. The exchange uses WebSocket, a communications protocol that allows a direct flow of data from the server to the browser.

React Frontend
Our expertise in React was used to take over and improve the dashboard. React Material UI, a library of styled elements, was employed for many aspects of the design in order to make it feel both modern and familiar to users.