B2B Lead Generation Platform

Leadbird is a B2B, real-time lead generation service allowing users to purchase and act upon new business leads directly within the platform. They offer a set of automated tools that help businesses get found online, control their reputation and generate new sales leads.

Capicua provided a complete suite of services for Leadbird, including branding and storytelling, logo design, web design and web application UX design and development.


Branding, Storytelling and User Experience
Capicua designed Leadbird’s logo, corporate materials, website and application. We studied other products in the market to know the needs of users and how to display data in the most appealing way. In order to a create a story for the company, we illustrated a robin to be used as the principal character of the brand. The platform was referred to as a “nest” and the tiered plans for services were given the names of birds, with the “robin plan” as the most basic.

Powerful Platform
At the core of what Leadbird offers is its lead generation application. The backend of this platform had to be incredibly robust in order to be able to process and store up to 300k new business entries per month, as well as manage more than four million existing database records. Through the use of technologies such as Node.JS, Angular and others, Capicua built a platform that efficiently delivers content to users.

An earlier version of Leadbird’s platform existed before we were brought into the project. This original application was not suitable for the kind of scaling and integrations that Leadbird wanted to accomplish. Therefore we had to recode and redesign much of the platform’s architecture.

Key Integrations
Integrations with third party services are important to Leadbird’s capabilities. We integrated with Google Maps so that users can interact with leads in real time as they navigate the map, layering on top our own design and custom pins in order to maintain Leadbird’s aesthetic. Integrations in development are Cakemail, an email marketing tool, and Yext, an online presence management service.