High tech for high businesses


Leadbird is a B2B, real-time lead generation service allowing users to purchase and act upon new business leads directly within the platform. They offer a set of automated tools that help businesses get found online, control reputation and generate new sales leads.


They’re a full-service digital marketing agency focusing on client revenue growth. They have proprietary data-mining technology that produces quality data produced and processed internally. They carefully select clients looking for growth-oriented, inbound marketing support to join their teams.


We had a significant role in helping the client decide how the app would function and users would experience it. Capicua provided a complete suite of services for Leadbird, including branding and storytelling, logo design, web design and web application UX design and development.



Leadbird wanted to provide powerful tools to their clients at an accessible price.


Leadbird was founded in 2014 by the former vice-president and co-founder of TuneIn. The company’s industry knowledge is focused on inbound lead generation through search engine marketing (SEM), content creation, paid advertising, email marketing, analytics, and web design.

They don’t define themselves as a branding agency: their focus is on revenue growth by defining buyers, reaching and nurturing prospects and thereafter delighting buyers who become the client’s next referral.


Leadbird wanted to have a branding and storytelling of their own that reflected their services and standards. Besides that, since the core of what Leadbird offers is its lead generation application, they needed a powerful platform and key integrations.

The challenges were from data management to legacy systems, considering market research and a design. We immersed ourselves in the business reality of the client and based our work on models that function successfully in other markets.



Worth Mentioning:

We worked closely with the company to understand the needs of potential customers and design a platform that makes Leadbird easy to use. We sought to keep the product simple and functional while delivering added value in terms of design and development. We built from the ground up all their UX and FE: this is a complex app, and we made it clear and simple to use. We also helped them secure a quarter million dollars in investment fund.

We combined Angular.JS for the frontend and Node.JS for the backend application. Besides, we used Microsoft SQL Server’s database and AZURE’s cloud computing platform. Also, the team implemented the Sendgrid email delivery service and Braintee payment platform. 

Through the use of new technologies such as Node.JS, Angular and others, we built a platform that rapidly processes more than four million database records to efficiently deliver content. With our continuous integration of new data, the platform is automated to add new leads at a rate of 70,000 per week.


The business information (phone numbers, email addresses etc.) generated by the platform is triple verified and has an accuracy rate of 95%. On top of that, the system displays new leads as the user navigates within the map, and results can be filtered by location, time since incorporation and industry.

Capicua added Leadbird subscriptions by integrating the Braintree Payment platform. We implemented a credits system, similar to Thumbtack, and also Leadbird users can make payments with both credit cards and PayPal.


  They’re good at meeting deadlines and communicating; we didn’t have any language barrier issues. They also manage projects well through Jira and Trello. – Carl Rohling (CEO at Leadbird)