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Investo is an Uruguayan investing platform that revolutionized trading with its sections like monthly savings capacity, willingness to risk, and previous knowledge of investment systems in order to help users start their processes.





Platform development and design


Creating a safety-focused fintech application


Since 2020


Investo is an Uruguayan investing platform that allows users to invest in a large variety of EFTs and Bonuses.


It has huge advances related to the process of investing, contemplating information such as monthly savings capacity, current labour status and knowledge of investment systems to create categories of clients and determine which system would work best for each of them.


Capicua created their whole platform, including a webpage and an app, putting special care in the customers' safety and in the structure needed to process user’s data in order to assign them a type of client and start their process of investment.


The goal was to create a reliable and user-focused way to invest from Uruguay to the biggest financial markets of the world.


Investo was created by the Uruguayan Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of ORT University. Their focus is on three standards: efficiency, diversification and low commissions.

They stick to a passive investment strategy that provides value in the long run, while maintaining a stable portfolio within changing markets through the buying of ETFs.


A huge challenge was to create an interactive form so, when users fill up their data, the platform can assign them a category of investor to adjust a specific investment plan for each of them. These categories go from conservator to risky, including moderated.

The platform also needed to stimulate the users' investments by creating goals for their investments results: such as traveling, getting a car or buying a property.


We created a minimalistic and user-focused landing page with Divi’s template on Wordpress, that allowed us to present the company’s highlights. The investment profile simulator includes data like age, current working status, and how much of the total capital represents the investment the user wants to make. It also asks about knowledge in financial investments and risk tolerance, besides asking at what time the user would like to withdraw their investment.

Besides being an innovative way to provide information and reassure potential clients’ trust, it also allows the platform to collect data from interested audiences. After completing this form, the platform will let the user know in which category they stand and how their money would be invested, divided into auctions and bonuses.

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