The Power Of AI on Digital Marketing

AI is changing the landscape of digital marketing. Here's how we collaborated with inPowered’s goal to disrupt the industry.





UX/UI Development & Design


Developing a user-friendly interface for a complex product, within the digital marketing field, to guarantee efficient results.


inPowered is an AI platform for Content Marketing. Among its values, there's maximizing its Return on Investment (ROI). Its mission is to transform the way consumers explore brands' content. To do so, instead of simple ad-clicking, it offers journeys around useful content.


The venture has been leading the digital marketing industry. Its core lies in handling AI's power to disrupt the industry. As a result, not only does it achieve meaningful conversations. Also, it leads to real business outcomes.


Capicua has been doing extensive and long-term work with inPowered. Since 2021, our-long term collaboration involves its main services. These are Content Intelligence (CI) and Content Distribution (CD).


inPowered's main goal is changing the digital marketing paradigm. This field is often taken over by interrupting advertising, like banner ads or pop-ups. Yet, the venture bets on disruptive and customized journeys for different users. In consequence, not only users go through sites with much more freedom. Also, brands get better results and genuine engagement.


**Use the power of AI to automatically identify your most valuable content and find cost-effective audiences across paid channels.**

inPowered was created by the same founders as NetShelter, which they sold in 2014. After this, Peyman and Pirouz Nilforoush already had vast experience with internet networking. That’s why they could see how common strategies were failing with both users and marketers. Seeing the at-the-time downfall, Pirouz asked the big question. _“What if we helped consumers to read content from a brand, instead of forcing them to click on a banner ad?”_ As a result, inPowered was born. With AI and Machine Learning, the venture not only allows marketers to get real ROI. Also, it improves brand perception and increases onsite actions and user engagement.

In 2020, the company got listed into the Inc5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Also, its AI tech got recognition from the Association of National Advertisers. Furthermore, it got a place in prestigious marketing-related awards. To name a few, there's Digiday Tech & Content Marketing Awards, and Content Marketing Awards. Nowadays, they work for giant ventures, such as the headquarters of Scotiabank.


The platform was first built by a dev team and has many tables and reports. With that in mind, our first challenge was to create an appealing and user-friendly interface. It was important to us that users were able to see what was going on within the platform. So, we worked on the design of its many specific messages. Our team knew from the start that this was a complex product. Especially taking into account its reports and specific APIs. That's why we assure to assemble a clean and sober design concept, aligned with the brand values.

Also, we are working side by side with its Dev team. This allows us to translate the functionalities into an intuitive UX/UI. Another challenge involved connecting both services, Content Intelligence and Content Distribution. The goal for this was to ease the joint work of its strengths and develop intuitive solutions.

Worth Mentioning

One of our first solutions was to change the way marketers saw reports. These used the article’s URL, so we modified the interface to show the article’s title and cover. This way, anyone in charge could see reports in an understandable manner.


Currently, campaign-running is in the hands of inPowered agents. Aiming for its services to grow, the venture requested to include its clients' on its platform. As a result, they would be able to create and run their own campaigns. To achieve this, we worked on different features. As for 2Q, 2022, we’re enabling a whole user management section. This will allow both inPowered and its clients to create users to handle the platform.

Regarding the connection between CI and CD, we also applied a clean interface. Now, marketers can use the Content Intelligence section to see campaign metrics. Also, they can access different content ideas that guarantee genuine and higher engagement. What's more, they can create their own campaigns in the Content Distribution section. Our goal behind this is to simplify processes. We're sure this will allow agents to focus on getting ever-evolving results.


Since the beginning, we've been developing the whole UX/UI process with Figma. This platform allows us to create team wireframes. Moreover, it lets us share changes and results with the client at every moment and show our processes.


“_You’re the best. We’re very grateful for all the amazing work you’ve been doing. Thank you!”_ — Pirouz Nilforoush, President and Co-Founder of inPowered, about Capicua’s UX Design Lead, Sara Vila.

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