Advanced Security Systems for Businesses

GoROG provides cloud-based advanced security systems for all types of businesses via real-time notifications and camera livestreams.





Full-Stack Development


Developing a safety-focused platform that allowed users and groups to access cameras' livestreams


ROG is a pioneering company on security systems for businesses focused on reducing safety costs. To do so, it combines digital techniques with professional workers. As a result, users’ safety gets reinforced smarter and faster.


A highlighted impact is its usage of tech and AI to avoid the false alarms that usually frighten users. To achieve this, its system analyzes each alarm to confirm its veracity. Once it's verified as authentic, it only sends notifications to users.


Capicua created the app that allows users to access cameras within their groups and livestream any of them. Additionally, we developed an invitation system for users to access the cameras and the notifications platform.


GoROG’s main goal was to improve and revolutionize safety systems.


Established in California, US, ROG was born as an acronym for “Remote Operating Guards.“ Since its inception, the company rose from joint expertise in different disciplines. To name a few, it includes law enforcement, system integrations, and AI. As a result, it applies advanced technology to empower security professionals.

On top of that, it’s 100% cloud-based, which doesn’t require equipment to buy, install, or maintain. Also, it has 24/7 uninterrupted watches. Nowadays, ROG is used by a constantly growing community. Its goals lie in safety industry needs, to make professionals work smarter and faster.


Our primary focus was on safety in a matter as complex as security. That’s why we needed to develop a complex but trustworthy system upon which clients could rely. Throughout the process, we constantly talked with ROG’s team to better understand its users’ concerns. This dialogue would become the base for creating the perfect security system app. In sum, we aimed to give users a friendly platform to keep track of their or their companies’ security.

Capicua has done an excellent job of creating relationships.

Brad Feldman, CEO at ROG


Worth Mentioning

We professionalized its development lifecycle and software maturity. Even more, we prepared GoROG for a successful acquisition just before COVID hit.


To develop the app, we combined React Native with Firebase Notifications. Through this blent, we ensured that all parts involved got real-time information on any device. Additionally, we connected the notifications system with an RTSP system. As a result, users can livestream the camera of their choice. Furthermore, we developed its whole notifications center. For example, this included receiving and accepting invitations to join different groups of cameras to notifying users about alerts. Within this, we added images on notifications, so users could know what got off an alarm in the first place.

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