Educational Platform for Modern-Day Entrepreneurship

ENTRE Institute rose in 2019 as an advanced-guard institute to share quality education for entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in modern-day businesses.

ENTRE Institute


ENTRE Institute


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Creating a superb education platform for next-wave entrepreneurs


ENTRE Institute offers an educational environment with courses about business success. It’s focused on teaching entrepreneurs how to grow a business in the modern world.


Since its foundation, it has helped over 175,000 students. A remarkable highlight is its philosophy of providing a community for word-changer seekers.


We cooperated with ENTRE to provide all the platform edges. This went from the core development to guaranteeing a satisfactory User Experience.


ENTRE is an online education company. Among its vision, there’s to disrupt the traditional educational system. As a result, it’s focused on ushering students into the challenges of the current business world.


The institute's official launch was in 2019 by Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting. Yet, it's the result of over a decade of hard work. This work includes learning to overcome both personal and professional obstacles. Consequently, the duo created the platform to share their knowledge with others. What's more, its approach rose from noting traditional education's struggles. They noted that modern learning spaces had deficiencies in empowering students to succeed.

As Lerner declares, "(...), our education system doesn't prepare \[them\] for daily struggles of the real world in the 21st century".

Another right guess of ENTRE's founders was to acknowledge modern-day changes. For instance, they were quick to realize this information age's possibilities. Yet, they noticed that education systems weren't catching up as fast as these times. Moreover, they recognized the disruptive approach to education that digital times give. That was the start of developing an entire educational environment. With this power, they could create a customized learning plan for success.

Its courses are focused on business leading and coaching. Yet, the institute's educational approach is unlike the academic market. That's because of its three-edged philosophy. These are Outcome-focused education, Discovery and implementation, and its Ecosystem. Related to the last item, it also provides many elements to give an educational atmosphere. The proposal includes experience, job offers, community, tools, events, and more.


Given the number of edges, we knew the whole experience needed to be sublime. Not only this included promotion of ENTRE’s services. Further, we needed to achieve optimal results for its students. This encompassed a user-friendly online campus, information exchanges, and projects and essay submissions.



We built the website using the React-based framework Gatsby. By choosing React, we assured light code and easy upgrades or corrections. We added a Jamstack architecture with Prismic’s headless CMS to this process. On one side, Jamstack helped improve the site’s security and performance. On the other, with Prismic’s dynamic layouts, we preyed on reusable components. To ensure a UX-friendly site, we relied on Sketch’s strengths. This included its pixel-level precision and its Variable and OpenType fonts.


When approaching this project, our team focused on all its users. This platform needed a thriving environment for students, teachers, and staff. That’s why we prioritized languages and frameworks with lighter and easy-to-maintain code. Also, we took care of having a good User Experience. This not only included the site’s layout. Further, it encompassed unity among its different aspects.

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