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Agency Jet is pioneer in incorporating features like AI into digital strategies. As a result, they're leading digital marketing success.

Agency Jet


Agency Jet


UX/UI Design


Designing a clean look and feel to show its products, services, recognitions, and worldwide clients.


Agency Jet is a Minneapolis’ digital marketing agency, which provides B2B services. Among their specialities, there’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design, and Digital Advertising.


Along different major cities in the US, they've achieved over 2.500 web assesstems. Furthermore, they have over 95% of client retention. As a result of this, 9 out of 10 clients continue reaching for their services.


Capicua created Agency Jet’s whole design’s concept. With this in mind, we gave the site the character that they wanted to reflect. Also, we work with their team to represent its values and spirit in the best way.


Agency Jet‘s main aim was to present its services, while also showing its over-the-top results. Also, another goal was to give their clients confidence in their work processes.


_“We help businesses succeed online”_

The enterprise arose in 2016, after two years of planning from its founders. After its launch, it completed over 500 web assessments for free, within its first year, for businesses across the US. As a result, they settled on the foundational strategies and values for their success. Just three years later, they had overcome 2.500 website assessments. To do so, they were pioneers in integrating Artificial Intelligence into every aspect of digital marketing. Additionally, they incorporated into their strategies features like voice searches and reviews.

Agency Jet’s mantra is “Transparency, Education, Results”. Through this focus, they work hard to build clients’ trust and also confidence in digital marketing investments. Nowadays, they have operations centres in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Columbus, Kansas, and Las Vegas. On top of that, they continuously increase their knowledge of technical aspects of digital marketing. These include link-building techniques, content management systems, and inbound marketing strategies.


Our team’s dare was to create the right aesthetic for a huge company like Agency Jet. Moreover, we needed to add their business vision, strategies, strengths, and values.

Worth Mentioning

Agency Jet has won UpCity’s national recognition, in the Excellence category, with a five-star rating. Furthermore, they ranked on top of both Marketing Agencies and SEO Companies on Clutch’s ratings in 2020.


The team handled the project with Figma. This allowed us to create different frameworks while developing the process along with the company. With this schema, we designed a clean look and feel that shows its products, services, recognition, and worldwide clients. Moreover, we developed an identity that’s memorable among clients and leads to the enterprise’s strengths and success.

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