The Relevance of Web Accessibility

With connectivity growth, web accessibility relevance also rises. Let's take a look at this concept, its standards, principles, and more!

Let's talk about DevOps and Agile Methodology!

Are you thinking about upgrading your software development method? Discover DevOps and Agile Methodology and learn how to achieve a successful transition.

Your Guide to Database Software

Looking for a business platform that can handle your data needs? Look no further than our guide to database software!

PHP in 2022: Ride or Die?

There's a big question in tech's world: will PHP die? Let's talk about the status of this programming and server-scripting language in 2022.

How to turn an Idea into a Business?

If you've ever had an idea for a business, but didn't know where to start, this article is for you. Learn how to develop your idea, create a plan, and make your business pitch.

NFT: A match between Crypto and Art?

What is a NFT? Let's talk about a hot topic both in crypto and art worlds: its beginnings, present, and future scenarios.

Payment Platforms and Cryptocurrencies

The way we pay for things has changed, from credit cards to full digital payment platforms. What's the role of cryptocurrencies on this game?

Node.JS + Flutter Combinations Possibilities

Coders often have favorite development combinations. How about Node.JS and Flutter? Dive into this article to find out all its possibilities.

5 Stages of Programming Languages

Discover the five main stages of programming languages, from origins to full evolution, and how your favorite language fits into them.

Where to start on App Design?

As complex as it gets, app design has multiple debates. Take a look at our article with app design tips and trends to optimize your UI/UX!

Wordpress vs JAMstack

Wordpress has been the main choice for many web owners, but developers have been exploring alternatives with JAMstack technology

Our 12 CSS Best Tips and Practices

CSS is essential in the styling area of any development project. Join us to find our the best tips and practices to upgrade your game

Our Thoughts on Running a Business

If you're trying to start a business, read Capicua's founders sharing their insights about starting and running one successfully!

Content Creation on JAMstack Sites

Take a look at the latest JAMstack website tools that are making content management enjoyable for both developers and creators

What's the Business Journey for a MVP?

There's important work to do before your business journey begins in order to create a MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

The Relevance of Software Documentation

Your business should be paying more attention to the risks of software documentation. It's an essential part of a project! Check out why in this article

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