We're part of Pangea's community!

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now part of the Pangea community, which brings together the top software engineering vendors.

With our profile in Pangea, we can present our venture in the most transparent way possible to our current and future allies.

Being part of a Vendor Community

We core believe that validating vendor data is essential to maintain an organization’s integrity. Within our values as a company, we went through the Pangea verification process, with the responsibility it deserves.

During this verification process, we stopped at different topics, like Technology, Culture, Recruitment and HR, Certifications, Business Strategy. Undoubtedly, highlights like our certifications were specially helpful in this stage. Still, we always put the balance between structure and daily basis in a special place. Furthermore, this verification process lets us have valuable information about our team’s health. This comes more necessary than ever in the new context that COVID-19 is facing us with.


Shaping the future

At Capicua, we’re pleased with going where no one has gone before. We’re constantly looking for better ways to deliver our talent, while shaping the future. With this goal in mind, we strive for two pillars: people and processes. More than a venture, we’re a platform for people and businesses to evolve in an integral way. This main focus applies both to our collaborators, and our partners. We foster, and thrive on, personal growth as a huge part of our philosophy.

Our goal is that you, your business, and your ideas, can push their boundaries, and maybe get a little uncomfortable as well. As a team, we truly believe this is where real growth happens. We know it takes time and effort to reach that new level and, once there, keep pushing forward. It might not be pretty or easy, but we’re committed to it, while here to help you succeed.


Our vision

Our goal is to help you reach your project’s full potential.

We rely both on our team’s talent and in its processes. Processes are the framework guiding us in development, providing a guide rail for safety, while minimizing risks. Though we’re guided by processes, like the ISO 9001, 27001, and 12207, we maintain our flexibility. This road allows us to adapt our process to each project’s maturity and capacity. In the end, we’re allowed to produce high-quality, solution-driven work.

Neither talent nor effective implementation of processes can resolve a project on its own. Relying on talent will lead you to a project only as dependable as the talents running it. But, if you rest on processes, you may have a formally correct project with no soul.

Striking balance is the art we master.
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