Capicua on the road: Buenos Aires

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We love to get out of the office to meet people and see what’s new in our industry. Find out about our recent trip across the river to two exciting tech events in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city.

Public speaking is always a challenge but we were proud to present our new product, Helios, at Bantotal’s first BDevelopers Meetup. We were tasked with showing financial institution decision makers how Helios, a customizable credit checking application, can make credit approval happen faster than ever.

Bantotal is a Uruguay-based company that develops core software used by major banking institutions across Latin America. Recently they began partnering with outside developers such as Capicua in order to modernize and expand their offerings.

The Meetup showcased the new Bantotal ecosystem of plugins and products (like Helios) that integrate with their base software.

Next we went to see what was happening at IBM’s Think Summit. The latest IBM technologies were on exhibit, such as their cloud services and new machine learning solutions using Watson. It was an excellent opportunity to see what is trending in the world of corporate software.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop coding and go to events, but we think it’s worth the effort. We’re looking forward to the next one!


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