Choosing the Right KPIs for Business Prosperity

Quantitative measurement is essential to know, fix, and rise from any potential business strategy problem. Now, how to know which KPIs can help your business?

eCommerce Development and Design Best Practices

Users' demands for efficient and pleasant eCommerce are increasing daily. What are its development and design best practices in this rising business?

Product Management vs. Project Management

Not only do Product and Project Management have different functions. They are equally vital to business success. So, what are each's roles, tasks, and focuses?

What Webflow Conf Taught Us About Designing for the Future

We took part in Webflow Conf 2022, and its launches allowed us to take a peak look at the future of website and web app development. Let's unfold its new features!

Web Apps: The Route to Business Success?

There's a middle point between websites and mobile apps: Web Apps. These hidden gems can lead your journey to business success. Do you know why?

The Future of NextJS after its 2022 Conf

The NextJS framework is pretty young, but it's the 9th most used tech! What are its uses, and what features were added at its last conference in October 2022?

Webflow's Website Hosting and Building

Web Development platforms keep offering solutions for outstanding results. This article will focus on Webflow's Website Hosting and Building. Jump in!

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine Learning enables computers to mimic human behavior and has myriad applications. What is it, what are its uses, and what can we expect from ML?

Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Businesses

Business Intelligence (BI) keeps growing in software and services in an ever-growing data-driven strategy. How does BI help businesses’ outstanding?

Customer Experience (CX) for Business Success

With continuous tech advances and competitive markets, Customer Experience becomes key for business success. But how to implement an efficient CX?

Blockchain: Software Development Revolution?

Blockchain keeps gaining relevance in software development. Yet, can it be seen as a revolution? What is it, and how can it help ensure business success?

The Internet of Things (IoT): Explained

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already a part of our lives. Both users and ventures are taking advantage of its strengths. But, what is it exactly?

Successful Digital Transformation Experiences

A crucial concept in successful Digital Transformation is Digital Experiences. We’ll review DX’s meaning, platforms, and real-life applications here.

NodeJS Most Popular Frameworks [2022]

Node.JS, one of the most popular runtime environments, has plenty of framework integrations to achieve top-notch development products. Let’s take a look!

Software Architecture in Digital Development

Software Architecture has great relevance in today’s world and is key to achieving digital transformation. Let’s unveil its definition, systems, and designs!

User Experience vs. User Security

User Experience and Cyber Security are often in two separate lanes. Yet, combined, they can achieve outstanding products. Let’s deepen into this merge!

Best Practices on Software Documentation for 2022

Software Documentation can be the last thing on the mind. Yet, it’s essential to the development process. Join us to unfold its types, tools, and benefits!

The Benefits of Business Websites

Smart devices and interconnectivity make it more relevant than ever to have your own website. Achieve a successful business’ web in development and design!

Discovering The CSS Architecture

CSS, the style language, offers many possibilities. Yet, its structure can be counterintuitive for large projects. That’s when CSS architecture takes the lead.

SEO’s role in User Experience & Development

Do you think SEO and Software run in two separate lanes? Learn how it can help improve your results in both experience and development!

Discover Swift, iOS’ programming language!

Apple’s famously known WWDC seems like a great moment to catch up on Swift, iOS and macOS own programming language. Let’s dive in!

Forget Everything you know about Digital Transformation

Ever wondered what Digital Transformation means? Nowadays, it takes special relevance. With the right strategy, your business can be ready for the future.

AI Development with React

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing fields out there. Are you aware of the development combinations of AI with React?

Design 101 for Developers

At the end of the day, design and development go hand in hand. Check out the best design tools and resources for developers!

So, what IS an algorithm?

They're on mundane tasks and on every computing device. But, what are they? Dive in this Algorithms 101 with its functions, types and tools.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Development

Does the concept SaaS (Software as a Service) ring a bell to you? If not, here's everything you need to know about this technology.

Best UI Tools and Rising Alternatives

With design thinking rising, digital development gets deeper. Upgrade your UI and UX game with this list of the best designing tools!

Software Development for Beginners

If you're taking your first steps on the development industry, or thinking to, don't miss this article!

We're on Clutch's top global 1000!

Capicua is on the global 1000 development providers from Clutch! Furthermore, we’re one of the best development companies in Uruguay.

eCommerce: Headless or Full-Stack?

Headless eCommerce has been gaining momentum. But is it worth it for your business? Discover if your web merits this approach.

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Capicua is a verified member of the Pangea community! This allows us to present our company to the world in the most transparent way

10 Facts about Uruguay

How much do you know about Uruguay's culture? These facts and curiosities are gonna tell you more about us. N° 5 is gonna amaze you!

Onboarding Tools and Softwares

How much onboarding software does your business need for product tours? Discover it in this comparison of different tools

The Value of a Startup Idea

Everyone knows starting a business is hard. But how important is the idea itself and what's its value in order to achieve success?

Software Events: Buenos Aires

We participate in two corporate software events in Buenos Aires, presenting Helios, our fintech product, and updating on our industry trends

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