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Technology Used


Microsoft Social Platform

MSKonnect is an Australian startup located in Melbourne. Their objective was to create a Microsoft social guru platform where each guru could share different information about new and trending Microsoft technologies.

The underlying idea of the portal was to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and savvy professionals to share and comment information among them, giving the platform a life of its own.


The platform was to be developed with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ADX Studio suite technologies.

Since it is a social platform, we had to combine the advantages of Dynamics CRM for marketing, e-mail campaigns, contacts and leads management functionalities with the idea of a social and interactive network.

The goal was to use Dynamics CRM not as the public portal of the platform, but as the information backup and management unit, since that’s where the CRM offers its best potential.


The learning curve of the ADX Studio was one of the main challenges that Capicua’s design and development team had to face.

The integration between ADX Studio and Dynamics CRM seems to be “out of the box” and direct, but it is not like that when looking for specific and particular functionalities.

At the same time, we had to make the contents of the platform to be shared in the most simple and social manner, which implied connecting Dynamics CRM with the main social networks today (Facebook, Twitter).

The third challenge was to create contents to be updated in real time. We performed data estimations in order to keep the portal information updated in real time, such as assessment of trending topics, most liked and most seen articles, etc.


Implementation of the solution

The solution implemented combined a front end developed with the ADX Studio suite and a back end implemented with Dynamics CRM.

On the back end all the necessary elements were implemented and customized to obtain the social platform functionality at the front end. The connection between the back end dynamics and the front end of the portal was implemented by web services.

Through this mechanism we exposed the Dynamics information through Web services that were consumed by a data access layer developed with LINQ.

This way, we respected the nature of each tool and allowed Dynamics CRM to function as back office of the portal. Administrators can benefit from all the marketing and campaigning functionalities that CRM has to offer. Also, any modification to the logic structure of data in the CRM has their corresponding information management form (almost automatically), which is a significant help to the site’s administrators.

In order to obtain processed data almost in real time, we created a standalone application that constantly monitors the information entered in the CRM, as well as that being processed and updated. We also used specific javascript libraries to present this information.

Technology used

  • Backend: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online on Microsoft Azure, LINQ, Facebook and Twitter libraries.
  • Front end: ADX Studio suite, HTML5, jQuery, timeago.js and Bootrstrap.


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