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Lectura Ágil

Smart Learning

Lectura Ágil is an online course that helps its users improve their reading skills, focusing on speed, real comprehension and memory. This course has almost 5.000 users, from Spanish-speaking countries and has grown its fan base substantially in the last year.

The Challenge

The first thing we noticed about Lectura Ágil was that the visual identity was far from a digital brand in the digital age, so we did a branding update process, keeping the logo, but changing almost everything else in terms of design. This meant redesigning their website and creating visual materials such as: promotional e-books, learning manuals, digital ads for Twitter and Facebook, etc.

The main challenge about this project was to adopt an online marketing logic focused on conversion. Basically, what we did was reorienting the design strategy in order to improve short-term sells.

The results

We helped this brand make the whole concept of the online reading course more engaging for people of all ages. After one year, Lectura Ágil tripled their number of active users. Of course this responded to a lot more than design, but branding and our knowledge of marketing strategies was vital to help Lectura Ágil approach a wider audience and reach their business goals.

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