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Hair Salon

Leblon started out as just another hair salon, no actual name or branding, dependent on its regular client base to expand itself through mouth to mouth.

Our job here started as just a branding project but soon evolved into a complex marketing campaign, with a strong focus on social media to reach out to potential clients.

The Challenge

The marketing challenge was to make the brand connect with a wealthy and stylish female public living in the most exclusive area of the city. That’s why we came up with a brand name reminiscent of the Brazilian neighborhood of the same name, which is regarded as having the most expensive residential price per square meter in Latin America. The branding plan was all about giving Leblon a Latin American visual style and creating its own sense of beauty. The logo evokes movement in a fresh, casual manner, making the brand spontaneous and authentic. From brand creation and management to social media, we have worked alongside Leblon to create a coherent communication strategy through all media.

Social media

We developed and implemented Facebook campaigns with specific targeting that helped broaden the client base.

Online presence

The development and launch of the new website enabled the creation of a user database for future mailing marketing campaigns and important information.

On site presence

In addition, each individual product campaign or launch was reflected in the salon, through printed media and video playback of animated posts.


After the process Leblon started with Capicua, the company increased its revenue in a significant way, reaching new numbers and building an important client base.

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