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Make money work for you

Money Pocket is a system created by the company Wealthstake that allows the user to invest money through di erent options. This project integrated the areas of Design, Technology and Storytelling of Capicua.

Coordination of these three areas with a local manager allowed for streamlined communication with the client. This lowered overhead management from the clients side, allowed us to reach objectives in a timely manner and enabled us to have a more flexible workflow for any project contingencies.


  • Expertise in UX / UI: For this project we formed a team with experience in UX/UI, which allowed us to achieve a much more comprehensive solution in terms of design and development, which works smoothly in favor of the user.
  • Compatibility for IOS and Android: The client was developing a previous version of the application in IOS, but from Capicua we proposed to develop the application with React Native to make the solution compatible with IOS and Android. Upon seeing the results, Money Pocket decided to cancel the IOS version and continue working with Capicua.
  • Development in Angular 4: We not only worked on the app, for the web we were required to apply Angular 4 to its architecture. We increased our knowledge in this language and the result was a success, achieving a functional and friendly front-end.
  • Development of audio-visual presentations: The Storytelling area of Capicua worked on the production of 4 explanatory videos that had as objective to present the application to the company's investors in China.
  • Development of content in other languages: Although the original text of the application is in the Spanish language, it was necessary to translate the content to the di erent idiomatic forms like Mandarin Chinese. Then the characters of that language were adapted to the design of the system.

Implementation of the solution

  • Both the application and the web were developed with the latest technology at the front-end level.
  • Design has a freshness in the arrangement of elements and forms, managing to convey the idea of a modern and novel product, but without moving away from a rather sober and neat approach, something essential in the design for financial sector applications that seek to build confidence in their users and subsequent conversion.
  • Money Pocket is an application that has been developed based on feedback from investors and customers, which is why communication between Capicua and professionals from China and the United States has been essential.


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