Mountain Culture

Kühl is an online store for the highest quality hiking pants and shorts, performance shirts, outerwear and outdoor clothing. At Kühl, the passion remains to get outdoors, have fun and be comfortable in the challenging environment of life and sport. Kühl not only delivers innovative styles and features but also uses exclusive fabrics with unique weaves and vintage washes to create authentic character.

The Challenge

Kühl approached Capicua for an improvement of their Web Department emphasizing on visual creativity. Their website needed to reflect the potential of their products, both in terms of quality and appearance.


We took the whole Web Department to the next level. We achieved a solid visual design of their website and gave it a more contemporary and clean look. We also provided an easy to navigate design, a mobile-responsive framework and an interactive user experience with blogs and articles.

We incorporated new design and communication elements in their email marketing campaigns. Capicua have always understood that email marketing is a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. That’s is why we tried different designs and strategies in order to reach customers at minor costs.

We are still working with Kühl with the same motivation we had at the very beginning. Our goal is to continue to improve the creative quality they deserve in order to achieve greater brand consistency and to boost the user experience through the updating of visual communication on the web platform.

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